Concept Activation

Boutique Activation / de Grisogono St.Moritz

St.Moritz, the cosmopolitan mountain haven

A winter storytelling shot inside the iconic Badrutt’s Palace, where de Grisogono’s boutique is located. ©Arnaud Pyvka, Federico Ferrari

Films and Social Media

Lifestyle images and films posted on Social Media during the winter season in order to generate drive-to-store.

St.Moritz Black Book

Publication of “St.Moritz Black Book” , Fawaz Gruosi’s exclusive guide for the ultimate alpine get-together experience.

Graphic Design by Anthony Beauquis

Collection Launch / Crazymals by de Grisogono

Irreverent Little Treasures

Born of Fawaz Gruosi’s imagination, the Crazymals, a team of joyous, charismatic and irreverent creatures with a laidback manner and inherent sense of repartee.

BaselWorld Press Launch

Captation of the press release cocktail during BaselWorld Fair.

Road Show

Creation of dedicated local content (motion design, Instagram drive-to-store campaigns, events invitations) to support the boutiques animation.

Products Imagery

Motion Design

Inspired by the mid-century aesthetic, we have imagined the Crazymals lifestyle. Welcome to Palm Springs! Artwork ©Sylvain Fuchs, motion design ©Full Story

Social Media

Extra content focused on the products design.

Window Animation

Based on my concept , our team had created a dedicated visual merchandising for exhibitions and all de Grisogono boutiques.

Press Clippings

Collaboration / Creativity in Residence

Creation of the global visual Identity. Program Introduction and teasing phase on Social Media.

Collection Reveal

Instagram Stories of the Prologue Collection’s first reveal. (Partnership with Town&Country in New York)


Click the link to watch the film of the collaboration.


Instagram Stories about the Prologue Collection reveal at the Geneva Boutique.

Emmanuel Tarpin x de Grisogono

Reveal of the name of the first Artiste in Residence.

Social Media Content

Graphic design, packshots, portraits, motion design and film episodes explaining every phase of the collaboration.

Prologue Collection Packshots

Rihanna wearing the Prologue Collection earrings (after party London Fashion Awards)

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