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These selected works have been created in collaboration with…


Daniel Riera, Alvaro Beamud Cortes, Federico Ferrari, EB Crea, Arnaud Pyvka, Edzard Piltz, Damien Ropero, Jeremy Spierer, Bruno Ehrs, Patrick Sawaya, Fabien Cruchon, Jean-Marc Breguet, Philippe Palma, Charles-Elie Lathion, Sully Balmassière, Imagie, The Cube Productions, Studio Contraste, Jean-Daniel Meier, Olivier Currat, Laziz Hamani, Matthew Shave

Moving Images

Full Story, EB Crea, Fashion to Max, Free Studio, Spoa, Le Studio Production, L’imagerie Films, Al Dente, Olivia Marriotti, Charles-Elie Lathion, Actua Films, David Dang, La Sucrerie TV

Agencies and freelancers

Al Dente, South Pigalle, Olivia Marriotti, Li von Euler, Zikali, Make it Up, Aimée Hoving, R3DTV, Sylvain Fuchs, BBH, Oeil Absolu, Be The One, The Crazy team 🙂

All images are copyright to their respective owners.

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